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At ATSG we specialize in the hiring of product development roles. We are proud to offer a comprehensive and thoughtful recruitment process for both the hiring company and candidate. Find amazing talent, expand faster and take your business to the next level with ATSG.


As experts in the technology field, we offer an inclusive recruitment experience. Our knowledge and approach allows us to cut through the clutter and clearly identify the needs of our clients and candidates. We ensure expectations are met and exceeded.

Loyalty & Support

We are committed to playing a key role in the hiring process, offering the best customer service for both the hiring company and the candidate. We will be by your side from the initial interview up until the final steps. Our loyalty is continuously proven through our ongoing support and assistance in the hiring process.

Quality Candidates & Job Postings

We place the utmost importance on our candidates experience, identifying the best candidates for each role.  We provide our candidates with the job market they want to see. We present our candidates with opportunities they wouldn’t normally have through traditional job searching methods.

Why Work With ATSG?

ATSG is unlike any staffing agency you have ever come across. Specializing in advanced technology product development roles, our consultants are adept in the field, and will work with each client to develop a clear understanding of their needs. Our expertise combined with our hands-on, personable approach, will ensure the optimal outcome for both our clients and the candidates they recruit through our firm.

Advanced Technology Search Group, Inc.’s brand can be described as Knowledgeable and Loyal. With an emphasis on impeccable customer service and a hands-on approach, ATSG has proven to be a excellent partner for their clients during the hiring process. Further, their extensive knowledge of the industry has allowed them to recruit the best candidates for their clients.

ATSG specializes in advanced product development roles in the North American job market. Our knowledgeable staff consistently offer a comprehensive and thoughtful recruitment experience. Our expertise combined with our impeccable customer service means we always deliver the best possible outcomes, for our clients and our candidates.

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